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Nattuary was designed to help our guests rejuvenate their bodies & minds by immersing them in nature.

I love nature and have hiked many incredible trails to find sanctuary in nature. My love for the Bay of Fundy, led me to this beautiful property. Nattuary was created by combining the words nattura (Icelandic for nature) and sanctuary.

I have always found peace and solace in nature, so I wanted to create a place for my guests to experience a true escape from the outside world while surrounded by the natural beauty of New Brunswick's coast. Natturay is a sanctuary in nature to restore your body, mind and soul. 

Nattuary gives guests a place to unwind from their typical day-to-day. We tend to live very busy lives. Even when we take time off work to go on vacation, we try to pack so much into a week or two that we often return home just as tired as when we left. With technology being front and center in many of our jobs, in our schools and has become a primary source of entertainment and social connections, I believe we all need to take time to disconnect from that world and decompress.

Jenn Allaert at Nattuary

Nattuary was designed to be a place where you can unplug from life's routines and truly rest and relax. It is a place where you can deepen your connection with your partner, friend, family member, or even with nature.

At Nattuary, you can immerse yourself in nature and feel a sense of peace and calm we rarely get to experience in today's fast-paced and technological society. My goal is for every guest to leave Nattuary feeling recharged and rejuvenated, ready to take on whatever comes their way next.

I welcome you to Nattuary, your personal Nordic spa retreat, to experience nature in comfort!

-Jenn Allaert, Host

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